Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 44

Step 4 Check the length of the bracelet (fasten the clasp), adding or removing beads as required to make the strands as close as possible to the same length. Braid all four beaded cords loosely together and tie an overhand knot using all four cords, positioning the knot at the end of the beaded sections. Step 5 Thread the four cords together through the top loop of the acorn connector until the overhand knot is adjacent to the loop. Tie two half-hitch knots to secure the ends. Seal the knots if desired, using a drop of Hypo Cement. Trim one cord to within about 2mm of the knots. Thread three Size 6/0 seed beads on each of two cords and tie an overhand knot to secure them. Thread five drop beads onto a third cord and secure in the same way. Trim all three cords leaving a 2mm tail after the knot (Photo 5). See more of Melissa’s jewellery designs at her blog beadrecipes. and on Facebook bohobirdjewellery 5 TIP: Once tightened, knots in waxed linen are very difficult to undo, so make sure the knots are positioned correctly before pulling tight.