Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 39

DBM: How does beading fit into your life? be re-used in another design if one didn’t sell. Then, as more kits sold, I could add new colours to my “library”. HK-H: Beading is my life. I live in a three-storey house As I began to travel to teach more, venues often want which is part of an 1840’s terrace which stands in the mid- tutors to supply class kits, so my system went a bit awry dle of fields. It’s part of the Somerset mining landscape. and every year I promise myself to keep things simple The mining is long gone and the landscape back to nature - and then fall in love with a new component or colour. but our lovely terrace remains. We have long gardens and So, I think “business” is a bit of a grand term for a bead people grow produce and keep chickens. I have a lovely and addict funding her lifestyle! very understanding husband and we are employed by three rescue cats. I travel to teach a lot and, when I’m not teachDBM: And do you continue to learn as you teach and ing, I’m either beading, gardening with the cats or running as you create? Is the learning process a never-ending my little on-line business.  journey for you? DBM: Do you enjoy teaching? What is the most satisfying aspect of teaching, for you? HK-H: I love teaching. It’s how we keep our craft alive and moving forwards. The best bit for me is seeing a student get that lightbulb moment when a process clicks into place and the excitement as they can suddenly see more possibilities. It’s also lovely to see students I have taught gradually become artists themselves. HK-H: Always, the bar can always be raised a notch higher and there is always something new to learn, which is why it’s such a fun journey. DBM: What does the future hold – any creative goals moving forward? HK-H: More of the same, I hope. I have been so busy lately - Albion Stitch book 3 is due out in November. I have a packed diary of travels and a new website just DBM: When did you start creating kits for sale – and was about to launch, so I think what I’d really like to do is that a challenging process, going from beading for the get the balance to include some play with beads at home love of it, to translating that love into a business? time. My creative goal is to get lots of new designs out of my head and into reality. HK-H: As I don’t have a bead shop, it was always a risk to buy beads in colourways. So, I worked out a system - my See more of Heather’s work online at first kits were in a basic colour palette, so the beads could and