Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 38

DBM: LOVED your “Feather my Nest” design – did this start out as just a bird, or did the whole design come to mind before you started? HK-H: The bird, first. But the whole design was in my head and I had the stick (it’s a real twig covered in peyote stitch), I did a series of workshops based on building sculptural pieces with birds as the theme. I encouraged students to think of simple stories as a starting point. The bird is a wire and textile base covered with bead embroidery in size 15 seed beads. The nest is herringbone stitch worked over wire and then twisted and woven together. DBM: “Land of Oleander Tassel” is just a whole other level of amazing what was the design and creative process for this particular piece? HK-H: Parts of this piece were originally a competition entry. But I didn’t like it, so I rescued the bird and gave it a new place to live. I belonged to a bead group of fellow artists and tutors and we decided we should challenge ourselves to work on an exhibition. We had to m