Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 37

DBM: Where do you draw your creative inspiration from? HK-H: All sorts of places, it’s constant. Snippets of music, time in the garden, I love museums and galleries, I follow archaeology and history blogs and read all sorts of books. Each design starts with a story and the finished design is like a conversation with myself about that story, DBM: What’s your favourite beading stitch? HK-H: Albion Stitch, of course. DBM: We also loved your Symbols & Trinkets series – how did this series of designs come to be? HK-H: So this is a good example of the story behind designs. I was looking at how what we wear tells people things about ourselves, and how some things only we know the story of. For example a wedding band is a clear message, but a pair of earrings might be a treasured gift from a lover, which only the wearer (and possibly the lover) would know the story of. So stepping back through time, symbols and trinkets also had qualities we relied on either through belief or practical use. So the time Travellers Compass is about the real compass so vital in the past, but also about a time when the four continents, the four corners of the earth and the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water were significant. So the Time Traveller’s compass is a tool to navigate modern life by - or a pretty pendant. DBM: You also have such a wonderful knack for creating truly lifelike and character-filled creatures – what do you enjoy about creating these? HK-H: These are my playtime, when I know I won’t have to write instructions, or break the piece down into steps. They are often for exhibitions, occasionally for commission. I love the freedom to just let rip and play. Quite often new designs will emerge from the process, but the aim is to just experiment.