Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 36

DBM: Do you have favourite bead shapes or components to create with? HK-H: Bead shapes, they are coming so fast these days, two hole beads were so exciting, but now we have four hole beads - the choices are endless. I like to incorporate new beads, but at heart I am all about the seed beads – so new beads need to add something to a design. Favourites lately have been O beads and Dragon Scales and the CzechMate two-hole triangles and Brick beads. I also like to find older things to incorporate and am an absolute push over for vintage cabochons and buttons. DBM: Do you have a favourite creation? HK-H: So many, but as I have to pick one I’ll say my Scorpion. I took part in the first Battle of the Beadsmith in 2012 and it was an awesome experience - to go up against your peers and have your work judged by peers is a big challenge. I learned so much about myself during the stages of the competition. So, the scorpion was a decision to make something unusual - Girl with a Scorpion Corsage - a costume drama. It’s a double brooch with a scorpion and a butterfly - if you’re feeling stressed you wear the butterfly dangerously near to the Scorpion, and on relaxed days, further away. I got through three stages of the competition before being knocked out by the eventual winner’s stunning necklace. I love it because it was hugely fun to create and afterwards became my ambassador as he travelled to be displayed in several countries.  DBM: Tell us about your Time Traveller’s Compass – it’s such a stand-out design – how did it come about? HK-H: York Beads commissioned the Glass Spike beads as a tribute bead to Laura McCabe’s stunning work with semi precious stone spikes, and I just loved them so much! The Time Traveller’s Compass is one of a series of designs based on symbols and trinkets, each of which has a hidden compartment for a tiny treasure or a slip of paper with a secret message, votive or prayer. I really wanted to use the spikes in a way I’d not already seen so I used Albion Stitch and a bit of experimenting to link all the elements together.