Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 32

DBM: What’s your creative process when creating your glass beads? Shannon: Many of my bead designs come to life by observing nature.  While taking walks I study flowers and flower buds constantly.  I will go to garden centers and buy plants which I think will make good creations.  I search online photos of flowers and sea creatures for patterns and colors for inspiration.  Every once in a while I will sketch ideas if my torch isn’t available, but most often I just sit down and start working!  DBM: How has your lampwork evolved since your first attempts? Shannon: My lampwork has evolved tremendously over the years. I have taken lots of classes and practiced for many hours! DBM: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Shannon: One of my biggest inspirations comes from nature.   DBM: What’s currently on your creative work bench? Shannon: Mostly glass, mandrels and lampworking tools.