Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 31

DBM: We LOVED these beads – tell us about how you created them? Shannon: The inspiration for these beads came from corn flowers.  The core of the bead is black and there are almost 130 dots layered on the two front beads. The textured crease on the center of the main dots was created by pressing a thin knife blade in the center of the dot and gently pressing it downward to create a point.  The shiny raised dots were added last using a reducing glass. DBM: We loved your sea urchin beads – have they been popular with customers? The tones for the beads are gorgeous – very organic looking, how did you achieve these finishes on them? Shannon: The sea urchin beads have been popular with customers, but are quite a labor of love, so they don’t sell as quickly as I would like due to their cost.   I studied the various species of sea urchins by searching online images and gathering my own on trips to the shore.  I was fascinated by all the different types of sea urchins there were and loved the various radial patterns each one possessed. I also loved how their colors changed.  When I created my own, I wanted to make some that were true to the natural form and color and others that used my artistic license. As I started to imitate some of the natural colors, I worked with light and dark ivory glass and silver leaf reactions to establish the surface color I observed.  Because of my background knowledge with the ivory and silver reaction, it didn’t take long to establish several favorable finished urchins.  DBM: Your colourful discs are a bit fab too! Did you have a finished jewellery piece in mind for them when you created them? Shannon: I did have some ideas for the discs but I always leave myself open to new ideas my Mom and I may come up with once the beads are finished.  I knew I wanted to have them seen from the side, meaning you would see the hole, so I had ideas for hanging them, but the work was left up to my Mom. DBM: You and your Mum have such a wonderful eye for colour and composition – how does this work? Who is better at what? Shannon: I would say both my Mom and I have an equal amount of talent to contribute to our color and composition.  Hers comes very natural and I learned from her, but I have had a bit more formal training.  We collaborate constantly with ideas and designs and balance each other out with the finished pieces.  We feed off of each others individual creations as well.  When there is a period of time when we are not working together, I will send her the bead creations I have made and it will inspire her to come up with a finished piece.  She will send me photos of some of her finished works, and those, in turn, will inspire me to create new beads for her.