Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 30

DBM: And is lampwork now your true creative passion? Shannon: I would say lampwork is my true creative passion when I have the time.  Before my daughter was born, I would work on my torch from 8am until 8 pm whenever I wasn’t working my full time job as an art teacher in an elementary school. Now, I work when I can, but I constantly crave it. DBM: What do you most enjoy about the process? Shannon: I love the therapy it brings to me while I am creating.  I love the challenges that come along with being creative, as well.  When I am behind the torch, I am fully engaged.  My mind, heart and body are completely into the moment.  DBM: Do you have a favourite creation? Shannon: I think my favorite creations would be the works which are most challenging.  My skinny tubular beads, which I have been working on for about two years are such a challenge but it’s so rewarding when I have success.  I also have a glass mermaid tail which I attached to the torso of a precious metal clay female I sculpted.  Creating both parts of this sculpture were challenging, but attaching them was a feat! DBM: Do you have fav colours to work with, fav glass brands, etc? Shannon: I love working with any of the reducing and striking glass, but I also love transparent glass, bright bold colors, earth tones and neutrals! Gem tones are also a favorite!  I think I would have to say I am attracted to color combinations more than any particular one color.  I took an intense color theory class in college and it gave me a great foundation for color combinations. But ever since I was a child, I remember having a strong sense of color combinations.