Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 27

DBM: And tell us about your wonderful spoons – they are fabulous! Sally: I love miniature things! When babies started coming into our lives,  I wanted to make baby spoons for everyone. I had some success on my own but when my very experienced silversmith friend, Cindy Blackburn of Black Rose Designs ( took me under her wing my spoons improved! DBM: What does your beading work space look like are you organised or creatively chaotic? Sally: Though I strive to be organized my work bench is often in crisis. I am not distracted by chaos at the bench but do spend time on a regular basis organizing it. DBM: Do you work on one piece at a time or do you have multiple projects on the go at once? Sally: I don’t do well with “down time” so I always have several projects going on. While one is in the pickle, kiln or tumbler, another is being enameled, soldered or sawn. DBM: Tell us about your lifestyle and working with Shannon – how did the collaboration come about ? Sally: When Shannon was 14 we took a lamp working class at Vitrum Studios in Maryland. After college, she returned to the torch and we started working seriously on our bead and jewelry business. Shannon works full time and is starting a family so her time to devote to the business is limited. We have had to reduce the number of shows we participate in. However, Shannon still finds time to create and do a few shows with me. I put many hours each day into creating, marketing and running our business.  DBM: How would you describe your creative relationship – how does the combo work? Who makes what and who gets the final say on designs! Sally: We have different design styles but we will often collaborate on a piece. Shannon makes the glass beads and is proficient in working with the metal clays. I do all of the wire and metal working and also work with the metal clays. We both enjoy playing with enamels. We work as a team at the shows but I do most of the business side. I also teach jewelry making techniques. DBM: What do you enjoy most about working with Shannon? Sally: We have so much fun! We love sharing ideas and skills. Sometimes I have to put her in her place if she gets cocky, but mostly we inspire each other. We have been working together in various art forms since she was a little girl so things just have a natural flow between us.