Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 23

DBM: And do you continue to learn as you teach and as you create? ED: It’s a never-ending journey for sure! DBM: Which other bead artists do you most admire in the world of beading? ED: I admire to all beaders around the world – it doesn’t matter how experienced they are, because I know very well how the whole creative process works. But, I want to mention Eva Maria Keizer as an artist who I really admire since I entered in this world of beading. Her way of thinking and ideas and colour combinations are amazing. DBM: What does the future hold – any creative goals moving forward? ED: Because beading gives us the opportunity to sail around the world, one day I want to make a book called “With a needle and beads around the world” But this is just a plan. Like our boat card says - “Plans are guidelines to do something else”. For now, I prefer to live every day as a special day with a lot of beading in it. See Ella’s work online, and purchase patterns here: