Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 21

DBM: Your BOTB’13 piece really captivated us – how did this piece come to be created? ED: I think everyone who knows my work notices that all shades of purple are my favourite colours… and blue. ED: Oh no, no visualisation. Like with all of my other designs, I just start and let myself go in that magical world with different beads, stitches and colours. DBM: Do you have favourite bead shapes or components to create with? DBM: And your BOTB’14 necklace was equally as stunning – what was the inspiration for this piece? ED: Thank you very much. I would say that most of the time the colours and shape of the beads are my inspiration. I wanted to make a “coral reef ” necklace for BOTB’14. I made a few pieces, connected them together and I realised again that I was making a flower shape… DBM: Another piece we really love of yours is your Anais Brooch – it looks so delicate, has almost a snowflake quality to its construction. ED: I love that one, too! I wanted to make something with triangle beads. I had silver triangle beads and somehow those gray shades come out from my bead storage. DBM: What do you most enjoy about the creative process? And what do you least enjoy? ED: The beginning is the most difficult part. Once I make a good start, most of the time the rest is easy going and my brain and fingers work fast. I part I enjoy the least is the clasp. DBM: Do you have favourite colours or colour combos? ED: I love seed beads and Delicas as basic beads. Shaped beads - I love SuperDuo and O-beads. DBM: Do you have a favourite creation? ED: You will not believe it but my favourite creation is my Kyra bangle. Kyra is also the name of my son’s dog, that I adore. I just love the shape, the structure, how it fits around the wrist. Also I love my bracelets with O-beads. DBM: Where do you draw your creative inspiration from? ED: I think my inspiration is very complex and also simple. It is everywhere. I take the energy off the people I meet from all over the world, the amazing colours, shapes of nature and the ocean around me. Stir, shake and mix that and then a little wonder happens when I start to bead. DBM: How does beading fit into your life? ED: Seven years ago we decided to sail around the world - a huge adventure when you are in your mid 40’s. We bought a boat and that was it. We had no idea how we were going to make money for our plan. We only had one phrase: “We will find a way”. And we found our way! For me it was beading! My hobby, passion and income.