Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 20

DBM: Your Whimsical Pendant is another standout - it would sit so beautifully on a wearer’s décolletage due to the angles you’ve worked in it  – how did the idea come about? ED: As I said before, all my ideas comes during my playing with beads. Flower shape is very often in my designs, I don’t know why. Delica beads are pure inspiration for me. DBM: Your Leia pendant is another beautiful design – did this start life as a circular shape or did you plan the shape from the outset? ED: I had that huge cabochon for a while and, for me, it was a time to use it finally. My design for Maroon bracelet was the inspiration for this pendant. I like the waves that I made then and I just adjusted them to the pendant and added the top part. It sounds easy when I say this, but it’s not. It’s also about counting the beads, spaces to make them fit together. DBM: And your La Plaza and Built it Up triangle pendants are both such gorgeous pieces – was it difficult to plan these 3-D designs and bring them to life? ED: Thank you! I was just in the mood to work with Delicas and they always inspire me for geometric shapes and peyote stitch. Triangle is a simple geometric shape. I only wanted to ‘build it up’ a little bit to make it different. That is easy with peyote stitch and RAW. La Plaza is RAW full of pearls and Swarovski bicones and I love it! Beads inspire me for different shapes. When I think about RAW I think about pearls and bicones - so I only have to put them together.