Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 19

DBM: What were your early attempts at beading like? And how has your work changed over the years? ED: When I started with my plastic beads I made simple basic forms, but in my brain all kind of possibilities were already growing. But first you have to learn the technique. It was like I had already heard a song in my head, but I did not know how to play the piano. Now, I can make combinations with different stitches, shapes, all kind of beads, and I adore playing with colours. There are still so many things to discover and try. For me, beading is a continuous learning curve. DBM: Your work is very unique – you can definitely spot an Ella Des design a mile away! How would you describe your beading style? ED: First I want to tell you something about the way I design. I really don’t know how I am doing that. It sounds weird and silly, but it is like that. I don’t make drawings and most of the time I don’t know what I am going to make. I just start beading and then my brain and hands take over. Shapes appears and disappears, a mix of techniques, all kind of beads and huge mess around me (my husband calls that “the creative explosion”) and suddenly in that process, it is clear to me what I am going to make. It is not only the result what I like, but also the journey to it. When my new design is born, I have to make the tutorial. So, I do it again and sometimes I ask myself the question: “Hey Woman, how did you do that?” How would I describe my beading style? Out of the box? Unpredictable? Messy creative? Elegant? Sophisticated? I think I like your comment the most: “very unique” but I will never say that from myself. DBM: What do you most enjoy making? ED: I like to make bracelets the most, but rings and earrings make me happy too. DBM: We really loved your Koi pendant – so unique and quite a different shape and look for you – how did you come up with this design and what do you like about it? ED: It’s all about playing with geometric shapes. I started with a diamond shape idea, but I knew that I want to change something about that regular shape, so Koi came out at the end.