Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 173

Materials 1antique gold rhinestone leaf pendant 2 8mm aqua blue crystal donuts 2 8mm red crystal donuts 2 8mm pink crystal donuts 2 8mm topaz crystal donuts 2 8mm dark topaz twist crystals 27cm oval-link antique brass chain 16cm oval-link antique brass chain (divide into two 8cm lengths) 10 antique brass eye pins 1 antique brass clasp 3 8mm antique brass jump rings To make Carnival Leaf Necklace Thread each of the crystal beads individually onto eye pins. Trim each eye pin to approx. 1cm from each crystal and then make a loop on each. Open one jump ring and thread on the loop of the leaf pendant, one end link of the 27cm length of chain and one loop of one aqua blue crystal donut eye pin link. Close this jump ring. Now, to create the beaded strand of your necklace, attach the following sequence of beaded links and chain to the aqua donut attached to the jump r ing: one red donut, one pink donut, one topaz donut, one dark topaz twist crystal, one 8cm length of chain, one dark topaz crystal twist, one topaz donut, one pink donut, one red donut, one aqua donut, one 8cm length of chain. Use the remaining two jump rings to attach your clasp pieces to the chain ends of your necklace.