Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 163

Materials 1antique brass puffed filigree square 1antique brass dragonfly charm 3 antique brass head pins with ball ends 50cm 3mm-wide grey suede 8 8mm grey glass pearls 7 6mm grey glass sugar pearls 7 6mm opaque grey rounds 1m silver tiger tail 2 antique brass fold-over ends 3 8mm antique brass jump rings 1 antique brass dragonfly toggle clasp 50 2mm antique brass crimps Shades of Grey Necklace Tools Chain-nose pliers Round-nose pliers Wire cutters To make Take one head pin and thread on one 8mm pearl. Trim the head pin wire to approx. 1cm from the pearl and then make a loop. Repeat for one 6mm opaque bead and one 6mm sugar pearl. Thread one open jump ring through the centre of the filigree square and attach these bead dangles and the dragonfly charm. Close the jump ring. Cut the tiger tail in half. Thread the length of suede and both lengths of tiger tail through the top hole of the filigree square, threading to the halfway point of each length. To create your ‘floating’ necklace strands, thread on your beads (adding daisy spacers to each side of your larger pearls and crystals) and crimp into position, using the project photo as a guide. At the ends of your necklace, thread your tiger tail ends and the suede ends into a foldover end and then close over your strands, squeezing firmly with your pliers. Repeat for the opposite end of your necklace. Use jump rings to attach your clasp pieces to the ends of your necklace.