Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 162

Materials 3 antique brass flower filigree 8 10mm metallic gold glass rounds 1 12mm metallic bronze crystal donut 6 6mm brass stardust rounds 16 4mm metallic gold crystal bicones 8 4mm brass stardust rounds 1 antique brass toggle clasp set 1 antique brass head pin with ball end 37 antique brass eye pins To make Brassy Flowers Necklace Thread the 12mm donut onto the head pin. Trim the head pin wire to approx. 1cm from the donut and then make a loop – before closing this loop, attach to the petal edge of one flower filigree. Thread all of the remaining beads individually onto eye pins. Trim each eye pin to approx. 1cm from each bead and then make a loop on each. Take one 10mm metallic gold glass round link and attach one loop to the same filigree – attaching to the opposite edge petal where you attached the donut drop. Now link the following sequence of bead links and flower filigrees to this 10mm bead link: one 6mm brass stardust round, one 4mm bicone, one filigree, one 10mm metallic round (attach to opposite edge of filigree), one 6mm stardust round, one bicone, one 4mm stardust round, one 6mm stardust bead, one 10mm round, one bicone, one 4mm stardust round, another 4mm stardust round, one bicone, one 10mm round, one 4mm stardust round, four bicones. Repeat from * to make the other beaded necklace strand. Then attach the clasp pieces to the end loops of each necklace strand.