Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 160

Materials 1 gold clear AB dragonfly pendant 4 clear AB octagonal links 16 6mm gold-plated stardust rounds 3 4mm gold-plated stardust rounds 6 8mm clear crystal donuts 4 clear AB glass ovals 1 gold-plated lobster clasp 7 10mm gold-plated jump rings 29 gold-plated eye pins To make Golden Dragonfly Necklace Use jump rings to attach the four octagonal links together – and add a jump ring at each end octagonal link in this sequence. Attach one of these sequence-end jump rings to the loop of the dragonfly pendant. Now thread each of the remaining beads individually onto eye pins. Trim each eye pin to approx. 1cm from each bead and then make a loop on each. Onto the opposite end jump ring of the octagonal link sequence, attach a sequence of 14 6mm stardust beads, and then add a jump ring – this will act as one half of your clasp. To create the other half of your beaded necklace chain, link together the following sequence of beads: one oval (attach one loop to the jump ring attached to the pendant), one 8mm clear donut, one oval, one 8mm clear donut, one oval, one 8mm clear donut, one oval, three 8mm clear donuts, two 6mm stardust beads, three 4mm stardust beads and then use a jump ring to attach the end loop to the loop of the lobster clasp.