Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 156

Whether you are considering using your personal name or a company name, you should make sure it is easy to spell and pronounce. This may be hard to avoid, especially if you have a personal name that is often misspelled or pronounced. As with my last name: “Jimenez”. In the Spanish language the “J” is pronounced as an “H” in the English language. Therefore my last name, even though it is a common Spanish name is often pronounced incorrectly. For me this is a minor problem, when using my own name. If you plan to use foreign language in your company name, make sure there is no negative meaning in any language. Examples, if you are using “Bella”, are you sure you know what this word means in all languages? Don’t assume what a foreign word means, always do your research. When using the word “and”, “&”, “n” and ‘n, can also be confusing. Make sure your customers will know exactly how to spell your name. Is it “Leather and Lace” or “Leather n Lace”? Is the name easy to remember? You want people to find you quickly online, so the name shouldn’t be too long. Choosing a name like, Victorian Handmade Jewelry Creations by Mary Smith, is long and would not be easily remembered. Keep in mind how many characters your customers will have to type to get to your domain name. Your name should be future friendly? Will the name still sound right if you change your course? Does the name limit you? Think into the feature, when choosing a name. Today your designing passion is boho style jewelry and you name your company, “Boho Chic Designs”. Next year you find your passion is Victorian style jewelry and are now designing all Victorian jewelry. The company name, Boho Chic Designs, no longer reflects what you do. This name was not future friendly. Is the domain name you want available? Check to make sure the domain name you want is available. Your customers will always assume that the company URL is a .com. Pick a new company name rather than settling for a URL with .net or .info extension. Is the company name available on Social Media? Check all social media platforms to make sure the name if available. You may find that they name may be taken on several of the platforms. Many people will shorten the company name if the full name is not available. If possible this should be avoided. If the name is taken on Social Media, then rethink the name. Has the name been registered as a trademark? You can find this information on your countries trademark data base. Doing a search does not mean the name is not registered. (this does not replace the advice of an attorney regarding trademarked names and trademark searches) Don’t use “Inc” or “LLC” in your company name unless the company is that type of entity Don’t use an incorrect legal title for your business. If your business is not a corporation or Limited Liability Corporation, then don’t use the abbreviations in your company name.