Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 155

Naming your business after yourself: Things to consider when choosing a name Pros: A good name will reflect you and your niche market. It will tell who you are and what you do. Adopt a name that gives a clue and an imagery of what you do. 1. You are selling your knowledge and expertise. Using your name maximizes your creditability respected and reputable authority. 2. Builds trust and creditability. Customers like to know they are buying from the actual person. 3. Helps people remember your business name and separates you from others in your industry. If you are a jewelry designer and wanting to use your name then consider using, Mary Smith Designs, Creations by Mary Smith instead of just MarySmith. com. This tells the customers that you are the person who is creating the items. Cons: Customers should get a mental picture of what you do just from hearing or reading your name. 1. Change in ownership. Can the business carry on without the main principal running it? Is the name easy to spell and pronounce? Does it have a negative meaning in a foreign language? (There have been many successful businesses named after their founders that have successfully carried on after they have been sold. Ex: Donna Karen, Calvin Klein) Avoid using cutesy or funny spellings of words