Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 151

Bellflower Earrings Materials 8 6mm gold-plated flat flower bead caps 4 6mm gold-plated cupped bead caps 2 4mm gold-plated daisy spacers 2 6mm aquamarine AB crystal bicones 2 vertical-drilled aquamarine crystal teardrops 2 6x3mm aquamarine copper crystal donuts 2 gold-plated head pins with ball ends 2 10mm aquamarine Lucite flowers 1 pair gold-plated earring wires Tools Chain-nose pliers Round-nose pliers Wire cutters To make 
Take one head pin and thread on one 6mm flat bead cap, one donut, one 6mm flat bead cap, one cupped bead cap (small end), one vertical-drilled teardrop (large end first), one flower bead (large end), one cupped bead cap (large end), one daisy spacer, one flat bead cap, one 6mm bicone, one flat bead cap. Trim head pin to approx. 1cm from the beads and make a loop. Before completely closing this loop, thread on the loop of one earring wire. Repeat to make the other earring.