Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 148

Braided Suede Bracelet Materials 1.8m 3mm-wide blue suede 4 gold-plated end caps 1 gold-plated hook and eye clasp 2 6mm gold-plated etched jump rings 5 6mm gold-plated plain jump rings 5 assorted gold-plated charms Tools Chain-nose pliers Round-nose pliers Wire cutters E6000 glue To make Cut the suede into six 30cm lengths. Take three lengths and, with the ends together, glue one trio of ends into one end cap. Leave to set firmly. Now braid these three suede strands and then glue the ends into another end cap. Allow to dry. Repeat with the remaining three suede strands. Open one etched jump ring and thread on an end loop of each braided section, along with one half of your clasp. Close this jump ring. Repeat for the opposite end of your suede sections, attaching the remaining half of the clasp. Now attach a jump ring to each of your charms and then attach these to the central sections of your braided sections.