Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 147

Blue Bouquet Bracelet Materials 40 Size 1/0 blue seed beads 95 10mm sapphire blue cupped flower beads 1 gram Size 15/0 sapphire silver seed beads 1 gram Size 11/0 powder blue seed beads 1 silver-plated dragonfly toggle clasp 2 silver-plated charlotte ends 4 silver-lated crimps 50cm silver-plated tiger tail White Nymo thread Tools Beading needle Cutters Flat-nose pliers Abbreviations PU = pick up PNT = put needle through To make Take the tiger tail and thread on one charlotte end and one crimp, squeezing the crimp closed at the very end of the tiger tail. Then close the charlotte end over the crimp. Add another crimp, squeezing it closed up against the charlotte end to strengthen the end of your bracelet. Thread on 40 Size 1/0 seed beads and then add another crimp, charlotte end and second crimp at the end of this beaded section, squeezing the last crimp closed inside the charlotte end. Trim the excess tiger tail and close the charlotte end over the crimp. Squeeze closed the second last crimp, as you did at the start of your tiger tail strand. Thread your needle with a comfortable working length of thread (approx. 1m) and knot one end. Take your needle and thread through one end seed bead. PU one cupped flower (from back side of flower), three seed beads (use a mix of the Size 11/0 and Size 15/0 blue/silver seed beads) and take needle back down through the cupped flower and through the next Size 1/0 seed bead. Repeat from * along the length of your Size 1/0 seed bead base. Once you reach the end of your bracelet base, work your way back along the bracelet length in the same manner – repeat this twice more to achieve a clustered effect. Use a new piece of Nymo thread for each length – this way you avoid knots throughout your work. Attach your clasp pieces to the ends of your bracelet – using the charlotte end loops to link the clasp (inset).