Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 143

3 Step 3 Repeat Step 1, then repeat Step 2 but with the addition of one heishi rondelle and one 8mm green ernite crystal bicone before you make a knot onto the threaded cord (Photo 3). Step 4 Apply a small dab of hypo cement with a tooth pick to each of the knots above the crystals. Step 5 At the top of the crystals on the dangles make sure that the top knot is secure and then trim one strand from each dangle. Apply a dab of hypo cement to strengthen this junction. Knot both of the dangles together, making sure to leave a gap of thread showing so that they hang correctly. Step 6 Taking the two strands together, thread through the square hole of the porcelain disc and back to the crystals junction and then knot. Repeat. To make sure that the knot is neat, wrap one of the strands around knots and then trim. Secure this junction with a dab of hypo cement (Photo 6). 6