Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 142

Materials 2 10mm green ernite Swarovski crystal briolettes 3 8mm blue zircon Swarovski crystal bicones 5 8mm green ernite Swarovski crystal bicones 4 6mm pacific opal Swarovski crystal bicones 4 6mm pacific opal Swarovski crystal donuts 22 4mm turquoise with copper Czech glass flat squares 2 8mm green ernite Swarovski crystal donuts 32 4mm gold-plated heishi brass rondelle spacers 1 antique gold pewter mermaid toggle clasp 2 6mm gold-plated twisted jump rings 2 4mm gold-plated charlotte ends 2 porcelain turquoise open coins Approx 40 turquoise pieces - assorted sizes 1 spool zircon blue beading cord Hypo cement Tools Chain nose pliers Wire cutters Knotting awl Tooth pick Cutters Step 1 Cut two 70cm lengths of beading cord. Take one length and thread on one briolette to approx the halfway point of the cord length. Tie a knot and use a tooth pick to apply a small dab of hypo cement to the knot, to further secure the briolette. Step 2 Now separate the two cord length ends leading from the briolette and onto one, thread on one 4mm heishi rondelle and one 6mm pacific opal crystal bicone. Take the other cord end around this bead sequence and make a knot onto the threaded cord.