Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 134

4 Step 2 Once dry, use your hole punch to make three holes at both ends of your brass piece. Now apply Crackle Glaze to the bird images only, not the background of the image, and then leave to dry – you may need to allow four to six hours for this to dry completely. Step 3 Take one 30cm length of wire and make a loop at the halfway point of this wire using your round nose pliers. Thread on one outer edge hole of your brass piece and position in your newly-created loop. Step 4 You will now have two wires emerging from this brass piece hole. Wrap one wire around the other to create a coil approx 3mm in length. Now take the non-wrapped wire and thread on one 6mm venue bicone. Take the other wire around the bicone and then make another wrap of two or three coils. Repeating this technique, add another 5mm olivine green donut, then 6mm olivine green bicone, 5mm olivine green donut and finally one 6mm venue bicone, ending with a 3mm coil. Trim the coiled wire and flatten the end against the other wire if required. Now, using the remaining wire end, make a wire wrapped loop, threading on the corresponding (ie: end loop of clasp with outer hole of brass piece) loop of one half of your clasp before completing your wire wrapping. Trim any excess wire (Photo 4).