Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 133

Materials 1 brass piece (pre-cut brass piece included in kit for this project) 1 robin image 10 6mm venus Swarovski crystal bicones 4 8mm green Swarovski bicones 4 6mm olivine green Swarovski crystal bicones 4 5mm jonquil donuts 8 5mm olivine green donuts 1.8m 22-gauge non-tarnish gold wire (cut into six 30cm lengths) 1 3-strand gold-plated slide bar clasp Tools Chain nose pliers Round nose pliers Crackle glaze Glossy accents glue Paint brush 1 Step 1 Use your hands to gently bend your brass piece to the desired cuff shape. Glue the robin image to the brass piece and then leave to dry (Photo 1). TIP: To cut your own brass pieces for jewellery making you will need industrial cutters which can be expensive. A special metal double hole punch is also required should you choose to then make holes in your brass plate – these are available from Wishware Beads for around $19.