Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 131

Step 7 Weave your needle and thread back through to the top row of triangle beads around the rivoli. PU one drop bead and PNT the next triangle bead of the row. Continue in this manner around your bezel edge (Photo 7). 7 Step 8 Step down into the next triangle bead row and work another row of drop beads. Each drop bead should fit neatly into the space between the triangle beads (Photo 8). Step 9 - Earrings For the earrings, work one triangle bead into the next space, then continue with drop beads around the bezel, working a half-hitch knot to secure your work. 8 Step 9 - Ring For the ring, work triangle beads into the next two spaces and drop beads into the next three spaces. Repeat once. Step 10 – Earrings For the earrings, PNT the triangle bead at the start of the row. PU eight Delica beads and take your needle back through the triangle bead. Repeat twice, then knot and work your thread and the tail of your thread through your beadwork before trimming. Attach the earring finding to the Delica bead loop you created (Photo 9) 9 Step 10 – Ring For the ring, working from the two triangle beads placed in the last row, make a four-bead wide peyote strap to fit your finger and join to the two triangle beads on the opposite side of the ring (Photo 10). See more of Christine’s beautiful beadwork online at Christine’s Etsy store: 10