Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 129

Materials 10 grams Size 11/0 triangle beads 2 grams Size 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads 10 grams 3mm drop beads 3 12mm crystal rivolis Nymo, Fireline or One G thread (colour to suit your beads) Tools Beading needle Wax or thread conditioner (optional) Cutters 1 Abbreviations PU = pick up PNT = put needle through 2 Step 1 Thread your needle with a comfortable working length of thread (approx. 1.5m). PU 20 Size 11/0 triangle beads and, leaving a long thread tail, tie a knot to make a bead circle. Then PNT the next two or three triangle beads (Photo 1). 3 Step 2 PU one Size 11/0 triangle bead, skip a bead and PNT the next bead. Work in this manner around your bead circle, stepping up into the first bead stitched (Photo 2). Step 3 Work in peyote stitch for one more row or round of the bead circle, for a total of four rows. Keep your tension reasonably firm. Your bead circle should start to “sit up” at this point (Photo 3, 3a). 3a