Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 122

Step 7 Place 14 Swarovski Silk 6mm rounds individually onto 22-gauge head pins. Wire wrap them to the link spaces before and after each charm. There will be two on each end to fill up extra link space. If you hold up the chain and examine it, every charm and crystal should be hanging down in the exact same manner. 8 Step 8 - Making Strand 2 Take 11 sterling silver 22-gauge head pins and place on each one: one 3mm sterling saucer bead, one borosilicate Lisa Kan bead (Photo 8), and a bead cap. Find the middle of the chain, as before, and wrap these directly to the chain, making sure you jump over to the correct link, as before (Photo 8a). Check that you have the beads positioned so they are hanging in the same manner as the charm strand below. 8a Step 9 Take 28 sterling 22-gauge head pins. On 14 head pins, thread on one champagne pearl. On the other 14, place a Hyacinth Swarvoski 5mm bicone (Photo 9). Wire wrap one pearl and one Hyacinth bicone to the same link hanging down next to the beads. Wrap the bicone on the far side, opposite the pearl. At the ends of the chain, wrap two pearls and two bicones to fill up the extra spaces, as you did with the Silk Swarovski crystals on the charm strand. 9 Buy Jean’s latest book “Links”: com/Links-Inspired-Bead-Jewelry-Creations/ dp/1600610161