Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 121

Repeat at other end of bracelet with the toggle loop. TIP: This is a good time to check to see if your bracelet will fit you and start again if you have to. Have the Toggle part facing you on the left, the bar on the right. Step 3 Using your two pairs of flat-nose pliers, open the 6mm jump rings – you will be using two jump rings per charm. Step 4 Start by hooking charms, facing outwards, from the middle of your bottom chain. The letter you will be starting with is E (Photo 4). Remember to use two jump rings per charm. Spell “LOVELY”. Hold the chain up and skip over four links each time you add a charm. When you add a link, it should be hanging down exactly in the same manner as the charm before it or after it. They should all have the same number of links/ spaces between them. 4 Step 5 When you are finished spelling “LOVELY” – which should be on the left, with your bracelet facing you - add the “ring around the rosy” bubble and, skipping over again, finish with the button charm - it will be closest to the toggle. Step 6 After the “Y” on the far right of the chain, using the same positioning, add the “twirl” word, the “creative mind” bubble, and finish with the “sexy” bubble. Wrap six rose water opal AB Swarovski crystals to the “sexy” bubble, three on each side of the loop which you have used to attach it to the chain with the two 6mm jump rings (Photo 6). 6