Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 117

Step 3 Open one wire loop (from Step 2), and thread on the loop of one earring hook. Then close the wire loop. Step 4 3 Open the opposite loop of the wire/pearl section used in Step 3 and thread on another wire/pearl section. Close the loop. Taking this newly added wire/pearl section, open the remaining loop and thread through one hole of one Tierracast Hammertone link. Close the loop (Photo 4). Attach another wire/pearl section to the remaining hole of the link, before closing the loop. Open the remaining loop of this wire/pearl section and thread on one pearl/bead cap section created in Step 1. Close the loop (Photo 4a). Repeat all Steps to make the other earring (Photo 4b). Components courtesy of Selonj Beads & Gifts, 143 Port Road, Queenstown, SA, 5014. Visit the website at, email or call (08) 8240 1580. 4 4a 4b