Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 113

12 Step 12 Connect the shortest to longest chains from inside out, to the compass medallion. Refer to the photo to view the connection points. The shortest chain created in Step 6 is connected with a 3.5mm jump ring. Then the chain created in Step 7 is connected next with another 3.5mm jump ring. The chain from Step 8 is connected with a 4.5mm jump ring. Following, the chain from Step 9 is connected with another 4.5mm jump ring. The last and longest chain is connected with a 3.5mm jump ring to the remaining location. Repeat with the other medallion side by mirroring this sequence. Make sure the connectors are facing the correct orientation as you are joining them to the medallion (Photo 12). 13 Step 13 Connect three of the seven-pearl chains to the 10mm jump ring, opposite of the connections from Step 12, using a 3.5mm jump ring for each connection. Repeat on the other side of the necklace with the remaining three pearl chains (Photo 13 and 13a). 13a Step 14 Connect the opposite end of each of the pearl link chains to the swirl clasp with a 3.5mm jump ring for each connection (Photo 14). To see more of Lisa’s work, visit her website at or 14