Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 106

Step 2 Now use your pliers to bend the head of the dragonfly forward over the goldstone donut. The goldstone donut should now feel secure within the dragonfly stamping. 4 Step 3 Cut the oval chain into the following lengths: two 3cm, two 5cm, two 4cm lengths. Step 4 5 Cut a 25cm length of 22-gauge silver wire. Wrap this around the goldstone donut where the dragonfly head is positioned and then wire wrap a 3mm coil. Trim the wire tail. Onto the remaining wire length thread on one daisy spacer, one 8mm crystal copper donut, one daisy spacer. Make a loop, thread two 3cm chain sections onto this loop and then wire wrap back to the last daisy spacer (Photo 4). Step 5 Cut a 20cm length of 22-gauge silver wire. Thread one end through the last link of a 3cm chain section added in Step 4. Create a 3mm wire wrapped coil and trim the wire tail. Thread on one dais