Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 101

Step 6 – Row 8 Now fold your beadwork shape over your donut, with the herringbonestitched beaded pair corners meet in the centre of the donut. Stitch these corner together securely (Photo 6). Ignore the red dots shown, they will be referenced in a later Step of the project. Step 7 – Row 9 Take your needle out through one of the beads shown with a red dot (Photo 7). PU five TR-B beads and take your needle down through the adjacent bead. Take your needle through your beadwork and exit through the other bead marked with a red dot. PU two TR-B beads and PNT the third or middle bead of the first five TR-B beads of this Step, then PU two more TR-B beads and take your needle down through the bead adjacent to the starting red dotted bead on this side of your beadwork (Photo 7). Retrace your thread path to strengthen this attachment point, tying some half-hitch knots as you go and then trim your thread. Open one jump ring and thread through the middle TR-B bead of your attachment point (see photo for correct position) and then thread on the loop of one earring wire before closing this jump ring. 6 7