Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 97

Trumpet Flower Earrings By Lisa Marie Jimenez CLICK TO BUY KITS Materials 2 31x12mm olivine trumpet acrylic flowers 2 11x14mm light topaz acrylic bell flowers 2 6x8mm light topaz AB Czech rondelle beads 2 fish hook earring wires 30cm 22-gauge antique bronze wire Tools Round-nose pliers Wire cutters To make Cut the wire into two 15cm lengths. Take one 15cm length and make a loop at one end. Thread on one rondelle, one bell flower and one trumpet flower. Make a wrapped loop, wrapping the wire down around the top of the trumpet flower. Trim and flatten the wire end. Open the loop of one earring wire and thread on to the wrapped loop of the flower. Close the loop. Repeat to make the other earring.