Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 96

Spring Flower Ring By Lisa Marie Jimenez Materials 1 brass ox filigree finger ring 1 5-petal brass ox flower stamping 1 34mm 6-petal acrylic flower 1 28mm 5-petal acrylic flower 1 15mm 5-petal acrylic flower 1 5x8mm acrylic bell flower 1 4mm preset stone 1 brass rivet Tools Round-nose pliers Metal hole punch E6000 Glue Toothpick Crafted Findings: Long Reach Rivet Piercing/Setting Tool Metal File Material Source: Brass: To make Punch a hole in the top centre of the filigree ring using the metal punch. File away any rough edges. Use the rivet tool to rivet the brass flower to the filigree ring, through the hole you made. File away any rough edges that there may be inside the ring after riveting. Now gently bend the leaves of the brass flower, so that they curve with the back of the 34mm flower when stacked inside each other. Add glue to the back of the 34mm flower and place inside the brass flower. Next, add glue to the back of the 28mm flower and add inside the previous flower. Continue to add glue to the back of the 15mm and bellflower stacking each inside the previous one. Add glue to the back of the 4mm preset stone, place in the center of the bell flower. Set entire piece aside to dry. TIP: Use a spring clamp to hold the ring up- right to dry. CLICK TO BUY KITS