Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 93

Fringed Flower Earrings Materials 2 antique silver brass cyrene connectors 2 antique silver small brass petal flowers 2 surgical steel fish hook earring wires 14 50mm silver head pins 14 amethyst bugle beads 42 Size 11/0 silver seed beads 2 SS30 amethyst flatback crystals Tools Round-nose pliers Wire cutters E6000 glue Toothpick Metal components: To make Take one head pin and thread on the following bead sequence: one seed bead, one bugle bead, two seed beads. Trim thread head pin wire to 1cm from the beads and then make a loop. Before completely closing the loop, add to the centre ring on the cyrene connector. Repeat six times and place dangles on each loop on the connector, using the project as a placement reference. Repeat for the second cyrene connector. Add a small amount of glue to the back of the flower and place in the centre of the cyrene connector. Add glue to the centre of the flower and place the amethyst stone in the centre. Repeat for second earring. Set aside to dry. Open the loop on one earring wire and attach to the top ring of the cyrene connector. Repeat for the second earring. CLICK TO BUY KITS