Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 91

Make a wrapped loop at one end of the wire. Load bead(s) as listed below - each letter represents a new link. Before making the next wrapped section, run the wire through the previous end loop. Continue until all nine sections of wrapped beads are linked together. Assemble wrapped chain in the following order: A: pink ab rondelle (this end loop gets connected to the top loop of the crown section. B: pale green lustre rondelle C: 6mm bead cap/pink nugget/6mm bead cap D: white lustre rondelle E: pale green lustre rondelle/rhinestone spacer/ pale green lustre rondelle F: pink ab rondelle G: white lustre rondelle H: pink ab rondelle I: pink ab rondelle Repeat for the opposite side of your necklace chain. Now cut the brass ox oval link chain into two 5cm lengths. Open the end link of one length of chain and connect the remaining end loop of one beaded chain sequence. Close the link. Repeat for the opposite side of your necklace. To make the beaded link extension chain, cut six 8-10cm lengths of wire. Take one length and make a wrapped loop. Thread on one 4mm pink round bead. Make a wrapped loop. Run the next wire length through the last loop and make a wrapped loop, connecting the two together. Thread on one pink bead. Make another wrapped loop. Continue in this manner until all six beads are linked together. Cut a 15cm length of wire. Make a loop at one end of the wire. Thread on the following bead sequence: daisy spacer/pale green lustre rondelle/daisy spacer. Run the end of the wire through the last loop on the beaded extension chain. Make a wrapped loop connecting the two. Open the end link of the chain on the left side. Add the link to the end loop on the beaded extension chain. Close the link. Open the end link of chain on the opposite side and add to the loop on the hook clasp. Cut the ring off the religious medal. Add glue to the back of the charm and place in the centre of the shell bead. Lay the rhinestone chain around the medal to measure for length needed and remove any excess chain. Add glue around the medal using the toothpick and place the rhinestone chain onto the glue. Leave to dry.