Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 83

Says Debbie: “Flowers come in all shapes and sizes and there’s definitely no right or wrong way to make them when it comes to polymer clay. The flowers in this tutorial are, what I like to call “organic” - three round petals which fit inside each other to create a beautiful bloom. Change the clay colours and petal numbers and you have created your own unique flower.” Advanced Beginner level project (knowledge of conditioning clay, creating a skinner blend, clay baking) Materials Kato clay or similar – colour combination of your choice (Debbie used yellow, white and orange) Gold leaf Embossing powder 20cm 18-gauge wire Tools Pasta machine Tissue blade Soft paint brush Skewer Wire cutters Round-nose pliers Chain-nose pliers 1 Step 1 Choose two colours of clay for your organic flowers and condition each. TIP: Debbie mixed some yellow with white and orange with white to create some nice pastel colours. Sprinkle embossing powder onto each colour and mix in thoroughly (Photo 1). Step 2 Create a skinner blend with these two colours (Photos 2 and 2a). 2