Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 80

Step 15 Push or use a needle to pass the central four threads through the clamshell from the convex side towards the concave side and also through the crimp bead (photo 15). 15 Step 16 Push or use a needle to pass the outer six threads through the clamshell only. Tie a square knot in the two groups of threads. Place a drop of glue onto the knot and allow it to dry. TIP: A good way to remember which threads are the weft threads and which are called the warp is to remember that weft rhymes with left. So left - right is weft. The up and down threads are the warp. Step 17 Cut the thread tails and close the clamshell. Add your favorite closure and close the clamshell loop (Photo 17). Step 18 Complete the second side of the bracelet in the same manner. 19 17