Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 79

Coax a bead from each of the remaining warp threads up against the loomed row just made (Photo 8a). Pass the needle under the warp threads and string nine MC beads. Loom the row (Photo 8b). 8a Step 9 After you have loomed this row, push the beadwork neatly back against the springs on the loom. If the surface of your particular loom is ample enough to complete the bracelet you can skip this Step. Step 10 Continue in this manner until you have only one more bead left on the warp threads. If you need a smaller bracelet it is fine to stop before this point as long as the fit is correct. Step 11 Bring down the final row of CC beads and now loom the final five plain rows using the MC beads to mirror image the beginning of the bracelet. 8b Step 12 Remove all tapes and loosen the wing nuts on both warp beams and turn them so that the loom work will come off of the loom. Pull the warp pegs out and be sure to handle the loomed piece very carefully. Place the bracelet onto your work surface. Step 13 Separate out the beginning and ending warp and weft threads. Step 14 Hold all of the remaining loops