Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 78

4 Step 4 Wrap the last thread around the peg four times and tape the thread to the warp beam. Cut the thread at about 25cm (Photo 4). Step 5 Thread a looming needle with about 1.5m of beading thread. Push all of the beads towards the other side of the loom. Insert the thread under the left-most warp thread about 2.5cm from the bar nearest you and tie a knot leaving a 20cm tail. Tape the tail loosely to the loom. Pass the needle under the warp threads and string nine MC (green in the project shown) beads. TIP: While looming, it is extremely important not to pierce the warp threads. So, when passing the needle through the beads it is best to lead with the eye of the needle and not the point of the needle. Step 6 6 Weave the first row by placing the beads under the warp threads and towards the left. Coax the beads into position between the threads. There should be a warp thread on both outer sides. When you have the beads into position pull up the slack in the thread and pass the needle over the outer warp thread and through the beads towards the left above the warp threads (Photo 6). Step 7 Repeat Step 6 four more times to complete five rows of plain looming using all MC beads. Step 8 Bring down the CC colour bead that is on the left most warp thread and pass the needle through this bead (Photo 8). 8