Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 77

Materials 5 grams Size 11/0 MC Delica seed beads 5 grams Size 11/0 CC Delica hex cut beads 2 8mm decorative beads 1 6mm decorative bead 2 crimp beads 2 clam shells 1 magnetic clasp Size B Nymo thread Tools Loom appropriate for Delica beads Size 10 beading needle Small sharp scissors Small round-nose pliers Hypo glue or Super New Glue Thread Prep: Thread a loom needle onto the Nymo thread and string 44 colour CC beads. Place a marker on the thread. Sheilah likes to use the little circles of paper from her paper hole punch - be sure that the paper is thin or use circles punched from tissue paper. Pierce the needle through the centre of the circle of paper and push this along the thread. Take the time to count the beads again. Pick up another 44 Color CC beads and place a marker. Continue until you have 10 bead sections. Don’t cut the thread. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to have the peg that is placed in the warp beam tipped slightly downwards on both ends of the loom. Preparing the Loom: Step 1 In this method the warp threads are connected end to end. Insert a warp peg or toothpick into the centre of the warp beam nearest you and in the corresponding peg hole on the other end of the loom. You are now ready to dress the loom. Step 2 Leaving a thread tail of about 25cm, fasten the thread to the left and onto the warp beam with tape. Wind the thread around the peg four times. Count four spaces left of centre and insert the thread into the coil. TIP: As you are preparing the loom it is a good idea to keep the paper circles on the threads, just let them remain between the spring and the warp peg. If you have a problem and need to re-dress the loom, you’ll be very happy you did not remove them. Step 3 Bring up the first set of 44 colour CC beads and pass the thread through the corresponding coil on the other end of the loom and wrap the thread around the warp peg and bring the thread back towards you and through the next coil to the right and bring up the second set of 44 color CC beads. Pass the thread through the coil to the right of the coil through which you passed the first thread. Bring the thread around the warp peg and back up through the next coil. Bring up the next set of 44 beads and pass the thread through the next coil on the other end of the loom. Continue in this manner until you have placed all 10 sets of beads onto the loom.