Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 69

21 22 Step 21 Repeat from Step 2 until your bracelet is long enough to fit, allowing room for the clasp. Note that because the flowers have an odd number of petals, they won’t connect in a straight strip; you’ll need to alternate them, as shown. Take care that you start each new flower in the right place. You may need to weave through some extra beads after Step 18 to ensure this. Step 22 After finishing the last flower, exit the middle bead of the set of three (A) beads where you’d be starting the next flower. PU eight Size 11/0 seed beads and PNT the same (A) bead again. 23 Step 23 Pull the beads into a neat loop. PNT the loop two or three more times to reinforce it. Weave the thread into the work, knot and then trim it. Remove the stop bead from the tail thread and use it to make a similar loop at the other end. Step 24 Use your chain-nose pliers and jump rings to attach one half of the clasp to each end of your bracelet. 24