Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 65

Techniques used: Modified chevron chain. You’ll make wheel-like circles then add a second layer that shares the edging beads. Materials Size 8/0 Japanese seed beads for the edging (A) Size 8/0 Japanese seed beads for the flower petals in at least two different colours - the project shown uses eight, i.e. four “flower” colours on each side: first layer (B). Second layer (C). A few size 11 Japanese seed beads to match your edging colour Nylon beading thread Two jump rings 1 two-part toggle clasp Tools Beading needle Sharp scissors Chain-nose pliers Abbreviations PNT = put needle through PU = pick up Design Tips from Lynn Davy... - Don’t worry too much about the tension – it’s hard to keep the first layer tight. Just pull snug until there’s as little bare thread as possible. The extra layer will stabilise everything and pull the flowers into shape. - Why not try the pattern with smaller beads for a more delicate effect? - Single flowers make pretty earrings. Or use two flowers for more impact. - Make the flowers more subtle by using three graduated shades of the same colour within each flower petal. Or go for maximum drama with just red, black and white.