Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 57

4 4a 4b Step 4 Load 20 C1 beads and thread through the wefts (Photo 4). Load one C1 beads, 18 C2 beads, one C1 bead – thread through the wefts. Work two more rows of this pattern and finish with one row of C1 beads (Photo 4a). Bring the needle through the hole of the chain and pull slightly. Pick up one drop and weave on to the top edge. Continue this pattern until the end (Photo 4b) Weave your thread through the beads, exiting through the bottom beads. Load three Size 15/0 beads, one Rulla and three Size 15/0 beads, bring the needle up through the beads (Photo 4c). Continue this pattern until you come to the end – weave the thread through the beads and remove the earring from the loom. 4c