Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 52

Step 5 Now bring your needle out through a C bead in Row 8. PU two C beads, PNT the C bead that sits against the next petal bead, PU two more C beads (Photo 5) and take your needle through to the next petal bead and repeat this Step, working your way around all five petals. Step 6 Now work your needle through the beads and exit at the centre bead of one C bead picot trio (Photo 6) and PU one A bead and then take your needle through the same C bead again, then weave back through your beadwork, tying some half-hitch knots as you go, to secure your work. Work your tail thread through your work in the same manner. Trim both. 5 Step 7 To complete this earring – open one jump ring and thread through the final A bead added in Step 6, threading on the loop of one earring wire before closing this jump ring. Repeat all Steps to create the other earring. Visit Lucie’s online store at 6