Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 51

Step 2 2 In Row 5 and 6, work in circular peyote stitch to add seed beads into the gaps of the previous row – adding 10 beads in each row – and taking your needle out through the beads marked in red (Photo 2). Step 3 3 In Row 7, add 20 A beads, stitching two into each gap from the previous row. Now place one rivoli crystal onto your beadwork and work a peyote row for Row 8 using C beads, adding 10 beads in this row. For Row 9, stitch 10 A beads in circular peyote, pulling the beads up around the rivoli. For Row 10, work 10 B beads. Then PNT all 20 beads of Rows 9 and 10 and pull your thread firmly to secure your rivoli crystal (Photo 3). Step 4 4 To decorate your Swarovski rivoli centerpiece, take your needle out through a A bead pair in Row 7 of your beadwork, PU one rose petal bead, one C bead and then take your needle back through the rose petal bead and into the next pair of A beads in the same row. PU three C bead and take your needle through the next pair of A beads in the same row – this will create a picot of C beads. Repeat this Step, working your way around the rivoli crystal (Photo 4).