Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 50

Materials 2 12mm 1122 Silk Swarovski rivoli crystals 10 7x8mm white safari rose petal beads Size 11/0 #53 opaque grey Toho seed beads (A) Size 11/0 #763 opaque pastel frosted apricot (B) Size 15/0 #31 silver-lined rosaline (C) 0.12mm crystal Fireline 2 jump rings 1 pair earring hooks Tools Size 10 or 12 beading needle Scissors 2 pairs flat or chain-nose pliers (to open jump rings) Technique used: circular peyote stitch Abbreviations PU = pick up PNT = put needle through 1 Step 1 Thread your needle with a comfortable working length of thread. PU five A beads, leaving a 15cm thread tail. PNT the first threaded bead to form a circle. Tie your thread tail and working thread to secure the bead circle. Now, working in circular peyote stitch, add another five A beads in the next round, working each in between the five beads of the original bead circle. For the third row, work two A beads between each of the five A beads threaded in the previous row. For the fourth row, add one A between each pair of A beads you added the previous row, plus one a bead between each of the previous row’s pairs – so you’re adding a total of 10 beads in this row (Photo 1), taking your needle out through the beads marked in red in Photo 1.