Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 47

5b Pass the bead chain between a pair of firepolished beads on one of the Chexxagon components. PU one 6mm glass pearl and carefully pass the bead chain through the pair of fire-polished beads on the opposite side of the Chexxagon component. Pull the bead chain so that the 6mm pearl fits snugly into the centre of the Chexxagon (Photos 5b and 5c). Repeat from * until you have threaded all 23 Chexxagon components onto the bead chain and finish with one 4mm glass pearl/ one fire-polished bead/one 4mm glass pearl. 5c Shop at: Chexx beads and fire-polished beads from Glass pearls from Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads Clasp from Bead chain and crimp ends from Attach the second crimp end to the other end of the bead chain and crimp it securely. Using the pliers, open a jump ring and pass it through the ring at the end of one of the bead chain crimp ends and through one half of the clasp. Close the jump ring. Repeat at the other end of the necklace to attach the other half of the clasp. See designer Kerrie Slade’s work at and on Facebook at by.kerrie.slade